Former director of Harbor House suing for breach of contract

Attorney Mark Nation representing Wick

ORLANDO, Fla. – Carol Wick, the former chief executive officer of Harbor House, is suing the agency for breach of contract and lost wages, according to her attorney Mark Nation's spokesperson, Vicki Johnson.

Wick, one of Central Florida's most outspoken advocates for victims of domestic violence, was removed from her position with Harbor House in late February by its board of directors.

Wick's attorney said that they are seeking her annual salary of $168,000 plus three months severance pay and health insurance for 12 months.

Despite not being able to provide a signed copy of her amended employee contract, Wick's attorney said the company must abide by the conditions and terms of her original agreement.

Nation said he wants to have his expert search the personal cellphones of all Harbor House board members. Nation said the reason is to find some sort of evidence as to why Wick was fired.

Nation said that the board had supported Wick, right until her termination.

Nation said he isn't charging Wick for his service, but if a court rules in their favor, he wants Harbor House to pay his legal fees of $600 per hour.

Wick had been with the domestic violence organization since 2006, and her attorney said he hopes Harbor House settles the lawsuit, so more funding isn't taken away from a cause Wick believes in.

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