Altamonte Springs Uber discounts begin

City looks to Uber to boost SunRail riderships, offers discounts


ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla. – Altamonte Springs will pay 20 percent of the cost of all Uber rides within the city limits in hopes of boosting SunRail ridership starting Monday, according to a news release. 

In addition, all trips starting or ending at the Altamonte Springs SunRail station will get a 25 percent discount.

"Uber has become a key part of meeting the transportation needs of many individuals," Altamonte Springs City Manager Frank Martz said in the news release. "Our goal is to evaluate the impact that ride-hailing and technology can have on our overall mobility plan - getting people to work, school and our local businesses as we continue to grow and innovate as a city."

The city and the transportation service's one-year pilot project aims to help alleviate traffic congestion by promoting ride-sharing through Uber, improve connectivity to regional transit, and meet the changing, flexible transportation needs of the community, according to the news release. 

Uber General Manager Christine Mitchell spoke on behalf of Uber partnering with the city. 

"We are proud to partner with the city of Altamonte Springs by expanding access and complementing the public transportation infrastructure for residents and visitors. By offering safe, reliable transportation and increasing convenience, this public-private partnership will open up more opportunities for businesses and the community," Mitchell said in the news release. 

Users can receive the discount by entering promo code "ALTAMONTE" and requesting trips through the Altamonte option within the Uber app.