Man arrested for abusing children, authorities say

Antonio Diaz, 47, charged with multiple lewd or lascivious counts

Antonio Diaz
Antonio Diaz

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – A man was arrested on Monday for repeatedly abusing a 12-year-old boy and showing porn to another child back in 2009.

Antonio Diaz, 47, is accused of abusing a boy when he was 12 and Diaz was 44.

The victim told police he was abused on three different occasions at a family barbecue, at Diaz’s apartment and at the victim's home, which Diaz entered at 1 a.m through the sliding glass doors, the report said.

Another victim was abused in the summer of 2009, when he was approximately 13 or 14 years old.

The teen was watching a movie and Diaz turned the movie off and asked the teen if he wanted to watch a pornographic movie with him instead. The teen told Diaz he "could not watch that."

Diaz was arrested and charged with sexual battery, two counts of lewd or lascivious battery, three counts of lewd or lascivious molestation, three counts of lewd or lascivious conduct, three counts of lewd or lascivious exhibition, three counts of child abuse, showing obscene material to a minor and three counts of contributing to the delinquency or dependency of a child.