Disney fairy godmother's kindness helps grieving mother

Janice Murphy and husband lost daughter Analiese in February

A woman whose daughter died shortly after birth posted a message to a Disney fairy godmother character.

Janice Murphy and her husband lost their baby, Analiese, in February. 

"I want everyone to know Analiese," Murphy said. "I want them to know her name and her story, and I don't want people to feel like they are alone in this type of heartbreak."

No one questioned the first-time mom about the bear she held tightly at Disney World. No one knew it was her daughter's ashes inside. No one saw as she held back tears wishing her baby was there -- until a special encounter.

A Disney fairy godmother noticed the purple bear, and then came the story of Analiese's rare genetic abnormality and her 85 minutes on Earth. The fairy godmother then responded with rare compassion.

"She asked if she could hug her and she gave her a big old hug, and she made sure to take extra pictures and said, 'Oh, can we kiss her cheeks?'"

It was just one extra step by the fairy godmother, a moment Murphy admitted most would think was weird, but the fairy's acknowledgment of the life she lost was cathartic.

"No one wants to talk about the miscarriage, no one wants to talk about the stillbirth, or the 38 week 'I'm sorry we can't find a heartbeat.' No one wants to talk about 'Your baby only lived for 85 minutes. I'm sorry.' They want to pretend it didn't happen because it's hard," Murphy said.

She shared her special meeting on Facebook and a blog dedicated to her daughter. Tuesday, after nearly 15,000 shares, thousands know Analiese's name and the impact made when one magical person decides to be kind.

"Everyone says WAS. She WAS beautiful, she WAS strong, and it's not past tense for me," Murphy said. "It's present. And the fact that she treated her present tense meant the world, and I don't have words to thank her."

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In keeping the magic, Disney did not reveal the fairy's name.