Police warn of possible credit card skimmer at Oviedo gas station

Complaints received after pumping gas at 7-Eleven on Lockwood Blvd, CR 419

OVIEDO, Fla. – The Oviedo Police Department issued a warning on Wednesday after receiving complaints that credit and debit cards have been compromised by skimmers at a local gas station.

Police said they have been receiving complaints of credit cards and debit cards being compromised after customers used the gas pumps at the 7-Eleven on Lockwood Boulevard and County Road 419.

The fraudulent charges may not occur immediately, because cardholder's information may be sold to others who then use that for fraudulent charges days later, according to police.

"This method of ID theft is becoming more prevalent in the Central Florida area," said Oviedo Chief of Police Jeffrey Chudnow in a release.

Police are urging people who may have pumped gas at that station within the last 10 days to check their bank statements for fraudulent transactions. 

Contact the Oviedo Police at the non-emergency number 407-971-5700 if you see any fraudulent charges.