Titusville police officer shoots pit bull

Dog's injuries appeared to be to its ear, side, rear leg


TITUSVILLE, Fla. – A pit bull was injured after a Titusville police officer shot at the dog Friday, the department said.

A person flagged down the officer around 6:40 p.m. Friday in the 1400 block of South Park Avenue.

The person told police a pit bull was running loose for the majority of the day and had been aggressive towards people. Police said one person had to use a stick to keep the dog from attacking.

The person who flagged down the officer directed the officer's attention to a house where he thought the dog belonged. Police said the home's front door was open without any lights on in the house.

The officer approached the house from an angle. Police said as he was 20 yards offset from the front door, a brown pit bull left the house and charged toward the officer.

The officer began retreating backwards about 10 yards before the pit bull had caught up to him.

The officer fired three shots at the pit bull, according to the Titusville Police Department. The pit bull retreated back into the home.

The officer called out to any people in the house and received no response from within the house, police said. Officers entered the home to make sure there was no one in need of help inside and to check on the pit bull.

The pit bull was discovered in a bedroom and secured there for animal control, police said.

Brevard County Animal Control arrived and removed the pit bull as it needed medical treatment.

Prior to the animal control officer leaving, a man arrived at the home and claimed ownership of the pit bull. Police said the man became uncooperative with law enforcement officials when he learned the dog had been shot.

The man demanded his pit bull be returned to him, and the dog was turned over to his care for treatment, police said.

The pit bull’s injuries appeared to be to its ear, side and rear leg, according to police.

Animal Control said it will investigate further into whether the pit bull has a county tag and rabies vaccination.