Driver survives after crashing car up power line

No charges following bizarre incident


MEDINA, Tenn. – A woman is not only lucky to be alive after a bizarre accident involving a power line pole, but she didn't even rack up a traffic ticket.

Witnesses who saw the strange scene in Medina, Tenn. on Friday described a car hanging from power lines wIth the driver still inside.

Photos show the car dangling over 15 feet in the air above the street.

WBBJ says the 56-year-old woman was unfamiliar with the area and was speeding at the time of the accident.

“Daughter and I come out to see a bunch of fire trucks,” said Jeff Wilson told WBBJ. “And then we see a car on top of the telephone pole."

The unnamed driver was inside the car for two hours before she was eventually rescued.

“It appeared that she veered off the side of the road and she hit the guide wire and run up the guide wire to the top of the pole,” said Medina Fire Chief  Jeff Rollins told the television station.

Despite the weight of the car, none of the power lines were severed and power was never lost in the area.

The driver allegedly suffered no injuries and has not yet been cited in the accident.