Apopka shop owner hopes ‘scumbag' sign solves break-ins

A OK Tires faces five break-ins in six weeks

APOPKA, Fla. – A business owner angry over his tire shop being repeatedly broken into took his plea for help to his community in the form of a sign.

The sign sits outside A-OK Tires on West Main Street, and it's large enough so drivers can read it as they pass by.

It reads, "$1,000 reward for the arrest of the scumbag breaking into our shop."

News 6 has found out thieves broke into the tire shop five times over the last six weeks.

Sales Manager Tyler Hall told News 6 the burglars sliced through fencing and busted down garage doors to steal customers' cars. He said they even lit one on fire.

Hall said the suspects have also stolen $20,000 worth of shop equipment.

"Somebody's out to get us, you know? What did we do deserve this?" Hall asked.

The tire shop has surveillance cameras, but so far they haven't been able to catch a clear image of the suspects. Apopka police gave News 6 the clearest shots they have, so far.

Hall said the break-ins have upset the shop's owner, and that is why he put the sign in the front of the store offering the reward.

"We're trying to get people talking about it," he said. "Try to get them talking about it, try to get some information out, and see if we can find out who's doing this."

Hall said these break-ins have become personal, and he goes to sleep every night wondering if they will be targeted again.

"You're taking from our families and, you know, this is how we survive," said Hall. "This is a family-run business. We've been doing it for 30-plus years. Stuff like that really hits us hard."

Anyone who knows who these suspected thieves may be or who may have information about this case is asked to call CrimeLine at 800-423-TIPS.​

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