Crossing guard concerned over school zone signal malfunction

News 6 tries to get results for guard with safety concern

A school crossing guard is voicing concerns after she says warning lights on a school zone sign haven't been working for more than a month.

The signs, which are located on Parramore Avenue near Grand Street, were not flashing Monday morning and Minnie Lambert said she first noticed the malfunction in February.

"This is dangerous because you can't give people a ticket even if they are speeding," said Lambert.

After reporting the issue to her supervisor and Grand Avenue Elementary School, Lambert said she called the city's transportation department, but there's still been no action.

"I've been trying for over a month and nothing has happened, so I thought maybe if I come to Channel 6, maybe they'll do something," said Lambert.

The city of Orlando told News 6 they first received a complaint in February and fixed the timer. A second complaint was called in and the technician replaced the batteries, fixing the signal. Officials said the entire controller was fixed after a third complaint.

Since News 6's report Monday morning, the staff went out to inspect the system and will investigate the issue to make sure the intermittent issues stop recurring.

"I'd like for them to come out and fix this light, so the kids would have a safe trip to school," said Lambert.

The City of Orlando website directs anyone with a similar issue to call their 24 Hour Traffic Signal Maintenance Hotline at 407-246-2020.

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