Drive-by shooting terrorizes Melbourne mother of 5

Police say shooter fired 9 times in direction of family home

MELBOURNE, Fla. – A Melbourne neighborhood received a terrifying wake-up call Monday.

Police say a drive-by shooter fired nine times around 8:45 a.m. in the direction of Julie Culbreth's home.

"Whoever shot the gun was trying to kill somebody," said Culbreth. "My five-year-old baby was in the house asleep. I didn't know if my kids were shot dead."

No one was hurt.

Culbreth wasn't home when it happened.

She says she was driving her 17-year-old to school, while, like her five-year-old, her 20-year-old son and his girlfriend were in the house sleeping.

"There's a hole in my fence.  It went through my fence. It could've went where my kids lay," said Culbreth.

It could have all been caught on home surveillance, but Culbreth says one of her other kids had disconnected the camera earlier so he could play video games.

Twelve hours earlier, another drive-by shooting happened just two miles away.

"There's crime all the time," said Catherine Olsen, a resident of Culbreth's neighborhood for 32 years.  "There's armed robberies, drive-by shootings."

But Melbourne Police say drive-bys are rare.

"We don't have them that often," said Cmdr. Dan Lynch.  "We don't believe there's any sort of crime spree going on or anything along those lines."

Culbreth suspects her home might have been targeted.

Police at this point aren't saying that.

"This person will get caught," said Culbreth.

The family is now hoping to get results for themselves. 

They're asking neighbors if perhaps their home surveillance video caught the shooting in the act.

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