Mom of DeLand teen killed while riding moped speaks out

DeLAND, Fla. – The mother of a DeLand teen killed while riding his moped is speaking out about the tragic accident.

Florida Highway Patrol said that Nicholas Eason, 18, was rear-ended by Craig Howitt, 39 along U.S. 92 near Marsh Road early Sunday morning.

Tina Eason said that her son was on his way work at a nearby restaurant at the time of the crash.

"He murdered my son and then he left him there to die," said Tina Eason.

Eason said that she was delighted a couple weeks ago when her son Nicholas moved from his father's home back to Volusia County to help take care of her ahead of her pancreatic transplant.

"My son was full of life. He was happy. I've only had him home for 10 days and he was taken from me," said Eason.

Nicholas Eason used to attend DeLand High School. He also played on the school's baseball team. He was known for his love of BMX biking, posting several videos through the years of his trick performances.

Tina Eason said Nicholas recently decided to take classes to be a professional skydiver, even taking a skydiving trip just four days before his death.

"I don't know how I am going to bury my son Friday," said Eason.

Howitt faced a Volusia County judge on Monday, charged with DUI manslaughter. He also has a DUI conviction from 2013.

Howitt remains in jail without bond.

"He seems to be, that drinking and driving is okay to do. We have Uber, we have taxi cabs, we have family, we have friends," said Tina Eason.

Tina Eason also said that troopers were able to read the text messages she sent to her son, asking if he was okay. Eason said that investigators were unable to reply because the phone was locked.

"The police told us this happens time and time again, they cannot contact parents or family because of the locked phones," said Tina Eason.

Nicholas Eason's organs have been donated. The family said doctors told them that his organs will help save about 100 people.


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