Orlando Dinner Party Project brings people together for food, fun

When you think of a night out, you probably imagine an evening with friends. But what about a meal with seven people you've never met?

The Orlando Dinner Party Project started in the living room of Dana Marie Roquemore, who had just returned from a sabbatical and wanted to reconnect with old friends. Next came an Instagram account and then word spread. 

"We allow strangers to kind of share a meal together and get to know people a little outside of their comfort zone," she said. ""I wanted a way of mixing them up and meeting them in a meaningful way that wasn't kind of forced of just networking."

Eight guests arrive at a converted warehouse space for dinner - some dinners are themed, like parenting.

To ease jitters, each dinner has a guest host.

News 6 is told people have found new jobs and new friends at the dinner table.

To join a dinner party, you sign up on their website and are entered into a lottery for a future dinner. Each dinner is on a sliding scale between $50 and $90.