Burglary suspects arrested moments before truck bursts into flames

Marion County deputies capture video on dash camera

MARION COUNTY, Fla. – Dashcam video from Marion County deputies shows the dramatic takedown of a couple right before their truck erupted in flames.

Deputies said Lane Ravey, 29, and Natalie Kaiser, 30, burglarized a home, stealing $100,000 worth of jewelry, cash and coins.

The burglary victim caught the couple and chased them down the highway while calling officers. The victim said Ravey pointed a gun at him.

The couple were eventually stopped when their getaway car started smoking and quit on Highway 441 at SE 132nd Street.

Deputies quickly arrested the alleged thieves, but the truck burst into flames. Firefighters were called to extinguish the flames.

Meanwhile, deputies said Ravey swallowed five balloons of heroin and stuffed another heroin bag near his butt. He was taken to a hospital after kicking the patrol car's window bars. Deputies also found methamphetamine and several other pills on Ravey and in the truck.

Kaiser tried giving a false name, but was arrested on outstanding warrants, burglary and grand theft charges.