City installs new crosswalk signs, lights at busy College Park intersection

Spent $30,000 on new safety measures

ORLANDO, Fla. – Orlando has been named one of the most dangerous places for pedestrians in the whole nation. City leaders are getting results for pedestrians who use the crosswalk at Shady Lane to cross Edgewater Drive in College Park. 

Edgewater Drive is a busy road, especially during peak times of the day like morning and afternoon rush hour. Pedestrians say they have to dodge cars if they want to cross the street at Shady Lane.

"We go across in a stroller usually and people just fly back and forth," Brian Carney said.

News 6 investigated last June and found dozens of cars passing anchor Lisa Bell as she tried to cross the street with an empty baby stroller.

Last month, the City of Orlando got results for pedestrians. It spent $30,000 funded by gas tax revenues to install the new crosswalk signs and flashing lights.

Jennifer Dodds tells us when she tried crossing the street Monday morning, a car stopped for her like it was suppose to.

"There were quite a few people behind her and so I questioned what I should do and about that time a person behind her hit her," Dodds said.

The momentum pushing that first car right into the crosswalk and almost hitting Dodds.

"Do you think the new crosswalk and the signs and the lights are working?" News 6 reporter Amanda Castro asked.

"No, I think it's a good try, but I don't want to see somebody get killed there because of these lights and thinking somebody is going to stop," Dodds said.

Dodds says part of the problem is the lights aren't very bright and don't do much to alert drivers. But Carney says they are working. He walks across Edgewater Drive every day with his daughter. He tells News 6 he's noticed more cars stopping for pedestrians.

"It gives us a chance. It gives us a chance to make it to the other side. We feel a little safer, absolutely. It's definitely helping," Carney said.

Dodds says the best way to make the crosswalk safer is to install a traffic signal.

Orlando police tell News 6 there have been four pedestrian fatalities so far this year.

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