Wedding bells ring at Park Maitland School as 'Q' & 'U' get married

Annual ceremony held in front of school's Pre-K students

Wedding bells are ringing, not from the church tower, but the inside of Park Maitland School gym.

The annual ceremony in front of the school's Pre-K students, celebrates the marriage of letters "Q" and "U." It's a memorable way to teach a spelling trick, but Cindy Moon the head of school said the message behind this lesson is even stronger.

"Our children are very privileged and we feel it's so important for them to understand how to put themselves in others shoes, and learn empathy," said Moon.

Each student brought new toys as wedding presents which will all be donated to Florida Hospital for Children.

"Some kids do not have toys so we can be kind by giving them toys," said 5-year-old Park Maitland student Chloe.

Florida Hospital representatives attended the ceremony and said more than 7,000 children are in need in Central Florida, and the toy donations help hundreds who are receiving treatment.

Moon adds the theatrics are not just for fun. The lesson is one that sticks with their students in every grade level.

"They all remember the 'Q & U' wedding as one of their fondest memories when school began for them," said Moon.

The toy donations were brought the Florida Hospital for Children on Friday afternoon.

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