Women building new homes for local families in need

Volunteers getting results during Women Build Week with Habitat for Humanity

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. – Women are picking up power tools and getting results as they volunteer this week to build homes for local families in need.

Kimberly Gordon is excited to show off what will be her new home.

"When you enter here this is going to be a little breakfast nook," Gordon said.

The single mother spent the past nine years living with family. She is a teacher raising two young boys without a place to call their own.

"We were crowded, we were cramped and we weren't really operating as our own little unit," she said.

But that is about to change. Dozens of volunteers are participating in Women Build Week with Habitat for Humanity of Seminole Apopka. They are picking up power tools, putting up plywood, and building new townhomes for families in need.

"It is so amazing. There's going to be 14 adults and 29 children who will live in these units," Susan deFreese, the Women Build chair said.

DeFreese says many ladies volunteering their time were single mothers and know the struggles of raising a family on their own.

"It just means a lot to be able to help and give back," deFreese said.

The volunteers are getting results and all of their hard work is a labor of love.

"I am touched. Many times just sitting at home I'm brought to tears because I am overwhelmed that people will come together and do this for my family and other families moving in," Gordon said.

They're turning empty houses into homes for families to start making memories.

"This is an answer to prayer. It's so exciting," Gordon said.

Gordon hopes to move into her new home by the end of summer.

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