Cops: Juvenile arrested after stealing package from Apopka home

Homeowner credits social media for helping police catch porch pirate

APOPKA, Fla. – Police say a suspected porch pirate is facing charges after the juvenile was caught on camera stealing a package off of a front porch at an Apopka home.

Holly Norman was at work when she says she had a feeling something wasn't right at home.

"And something just told me to check my phone, check my security system on my phone," Norman said.

Norman says around 6 p.m. Thursday she saw a young girl walk right up to her front door, bend down, and steal a package filled with $100 worth of tools.
"I was very very furious cause it feels like an invasion of privacy," Norman said. "Someone coming and just taking your stuff. It's an awful feeling."

Norman posted her security camera footage on Facebook. The video got thousands of views and hundreds of shares. The social media community got results and posted information on the crime. Norman says they came up with possible leads that she thinks could help police.

"So when you have people that can positively identify this person, it's so helpful for police and everyone," she said.

Apopka police tells News 6 they saw the video online too and reached out to Norman. Detectives investigated and arrested a juvenile. We're told they are looking into if she could be connected to other crimes.

Norman has this message for the suspected thief.

"I think that teenagers need a reality check every now and then that they can't get away with everything," she said.

She adds she is not risking it anymore and will get her deliveries sent somewhere else.

"We don't want stuff stolen from us, no one wants their stuff stolen," she said.

Apopka police say the juvenile will be charged with felony burglary.

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