Thousands stolen from Orange City PTA fund

Parents work to get results after theft, put together 5th grade dance party

ORANGE CITY, Fla. – Parents at Orange City Elementary School are scrambling to put together a fifth-grade dance party after someone stole thousands of dollars from the Parent Teacher Association fund, money set aside for this dance.

"I was devastated. I've got goose bumps just thinking about it," said Julie Redin.

Big ideas for the dance now shattered after police said someone stole thousands of dollars from the PTA, money that the kids spent all year raising.

"There was going to be a photo booth, there's going to be a prom king and queen. It's going to be like a prom and a DJ. Not only was the money being stolen, taken from the children, they were also being lied to," said Redin.

Redin is a parent at Orange City Elementary School and is angry that someone would steal from the children.

"This was going to be a first-time thing for these kids," she said.

Now, parents are left to start from scratch and said they only have two weeks from Friday to make this dance party become a reality.

"The more we donate or get donated, the more it's going to be for these kids and the bigger we can make it for the kids because they were promised so much to begin with," said Redin.

Police said they learned about the missing money back in April and are currently investigating. Meanwhile, school officials notified parents Friday afternoon with this message saying, in part:

"...It has come to my attention that a significant amount of money collected by the PTA has been misappropriated... It is unfortunate this situation has occurred and we are working with law enforcement to resolve this as quickly as possible."

"I believe in karma and to have that kind of karma on my back that you steal from little children and promise them stuff and lie to their faces, I don't want to be around you when that karma hits. Because it's going to hit," said Redin.

The school said the party will now be held on June 3 in the cafeteria. If you would like to donate, please email: Tweety7556@gmail.com.

The parents also created a Facebook page: 5th Grade Dance Project

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