From working in banking to traveling for a living

Rachelle Lucas writes for The Travel Bite


University of Central Florida graduate Rachelle Lucas said her job now is something she could have never imagined. 

"If you would have told me when I graduated college this would have been my job, I would not have believed you," Lucas said.

Lucas was asked about the evolution of social media and how she connects with her followers on social media.

Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat have all expanded the possibilities for many to connect with people from around the world through various platforms in real-time. For Lucas, there’s no more accurate statement—she became a travel blogger by happenstance.

It all started when Lucas went from working in the banking industry  to becoming an innkeeper for five years in Mt. Dora, Florida.

In an effort to promote Mt. Dora and her inn, she began to blog to share stories about the inns in the community, community events, tips and recipes. Her savvy marketing and writing led to her blog ‘Innside Story’, launching her into a career working with the Travel Channel, Food Traveler, Visit Florida and The New York Times.

Now, Lucas runs the website TheTravelBite.com and stays connected anywhere in the world with her followers on Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram.

News 6 sat down with Lucas and discussed her summer travel tips, favorite places to visit the world and a few places she has her sights on for her future travel.

Day of Travel Blogger
"No day is typical being a travel blogger," she told News 6.
"When I'm out working and I'm traveling, a lot of people think it looks like a fun vacation, and that means that I am doing a good job, if they think I'm out there and having tons of fun."

A packed day for Lucas and her blog is not typical at all.

"Usually my mornings start at 7 a.m., and I have a packed itinerary until about 10 p.m.," she said.

One day for Lucas includes producing content that would be equivalent to as much as a week's worth.
Her social media following is extensive with over 103,000 Twitter followers, over 5,600 Facebook fans and many more on Instagram and Snapchat to connect and share with.

After a trip, she focuses on writing and editing photos from home. The day is not typical, but an ebb and flow of being busy and then writing, she said.

Future Trips
There are many more travel adventures on Lucas's bucket list for her to explore.

"I have been almost to every continent except for South America and Antarctica," she said.

Argentina and Peru are two of the countries that she has her sights set on for her upcoming travel.

In terms of staying digitally organized on the road, Lucas uses Evernote and Tiny Scanner.

When asked about her goals for TheTravelBite.com, Lucas told News 6, “I have a lot of goals for my blog. I have actually worked on a book proposal that I am trying to get published now.”