Orange County commissioners pass bill for day care safety changes

Proposal requires day cares to have crash barriers

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – Orange County leaders took the first steps to make a big change when it comes to day cares as part of a push to keep kids safe. 


The ordinance known as the Lily Quintus Child Care Center Vehicle Impact Protection Ordinance passed unanimously at the Orange County Board of Commissioners meeting Tuesday afternoon.

"We found that while some people would characterize it as a once in a lifetime event, what we found is it's more commonplace," said Orange County Fire Chief Otto Drozd. 

"This is a perspective ordinance that looks at new day cares that come in," Drozd added. "With the thought process that as these new day cares come in and there is a heightened level of safety within the new day cares and that will pull the older day cares along with that."

"We can also recognize the loss of Lily and all the efforts to make sure no one else loses a young child in such a tragic way through the grant program," said Mayor Teresa Jacobs. "So we will endeavor to honor her memory."

The Mayor said Lily's mother, who has pushed for these barriers, couldn't be at the meeting but that she supported the ordinance.


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