Thief caught on camera falling out of restaurant ceiling

Thief got away with cash from register, gun from safe

ORLANDO, Fla. – A thief was caught on camera falling out of a ceiling at a restaurant after he climbed into the building from a pole outside.

Employees say the man was caught peeking through the tiles above the post office inside the Semoran Food Mart.

He crawled all the way to the front of the store above the register. He was caught on camera wearing bright blue sneakers and nothing on his face.

"Apparently they got up on top of the roof and took off the AC unit and climbed through the ventilation system," said Alexa Baez, an employee at the food mart.

The thief got away with cash from the register and a gun from the safe. When he was done, he climbed right back into the ceiling, busting a water pipe on his way out.

"It was just a disaster," Baez said. "Money was everywhere, coins were on the floor. This whole thing, he busted a pipe so water was dripping on the floor. We come here every day to work and make a living and for someone to come in and do that to us is just heartbreaking."