MegaCon brings thousands of fans to Central Florida

The four-day convention has a $20 million economic impact

ORLANDO, Fla. – Thousands of people are coming to Central Florida for this year's MegaCon.

It's a pop culture experience and MegaCon has something for every type of fan.
"Be it gaming, Sci Fi, horror, anime, comics, it's one of our mandates that we really create something for everyone," MegaCon show director Andrew Moyes said.

More than 100,000 people packed the Orange County Convention Center over the last four days. They came dressed up as the favorite characters. Many waited in lines to meet celebrities.

Moyes calls it the ultimate fan experience, adding it has a huge economic impact on Central Florida. He tells News 6 the convention will bring more than $20 million to the area.
"We're filling hotel rooms, restaurants are busy," Moyes said. "Our fans are here to celebrate and have fun."

When asked what is the best part of MegaCon, many fans were stumped. They say there is too much to pick just one. But everyone says they love the costumes.
"Obviously the fashion! Everyone is so dolled up today. It's like the comic book prom," the Joker said. "It's beautiful, fantastic!"

Organizers say it is only going to get better. They are already planning for next year's convention.
"It's always what are we going to do to make the offering that more exciting next year," Moyes said. "And trust me, we'll do it and people are going to have a great time next year as well."

Whether you're a pro or newbie, everyone belongs at MegaCon.

"It's a place where you can come and be yourself pretty much. No judgments," attendee Tyler Malone said.

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