Texas company accused of selling 'sexist' shirts

Live Love Gameday tweeted that shirts sold out in record time

Live Love Gameday
Live Love Gameday

HOUSTON – Texas-based company Live Love Gameday is getting a lot of heat over one of their T-shirts. Twitter users are accusing the company for selling a "sexist" tank.

The shirt says, "Girls who love baseball are rare. Wife' em up."

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Live Love Gameday
Live Love Gameday

When Live Love Gameday tweeted out a photo of the shirt, Twitter users immediately blasted them, some calling the company "pathetic."

"I am rare, but not bc I love baseball. This is terrible," Twitter user @swirlywand wrote. "This shirt is really offensive to those of us who live baseball, and don't need to be "wife'd up," @PantherAlyxx wrote.

"After you 'wife her up' will you let her watch baseball from the kitchen?" @Kschwenky wrote.

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Apparently, the company didn't appreciate the tweets, so they blocked some of the Twitter users who were criticizing them.

"WOW, I got blocked. MY very very first Twitter blocking," @escarole wrote.

"wow & your social media policy is "block everyone who points out how ridiculous this shirt is? Okie dokie.," Alicia Strauch wrote.

Live Love Gameday later tweeted that the baseball shirt sold out in record time.

"Thanks to the 100's of people on Twitter who commented and shared for us!"

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