Duo attempt to rob motel employee after striking vehicle, deputies say

2 flee when unable to enter locked vehicle


ORLANDO, Fla. – Two people attempted to rob a 66-year-old motel employee after striking his vehicle, deputies said.

Deputies responded at 8:23 a.m. Saturday to the attempted strong armed robbery.

The victim, who is an employee of Motel 6 on Lee Road, left the hotel property in his vehicle with the business' daily deposit to head to a nearby bank. Deputies said as the victim's vehicle was traveling down Lee Road, it was struck from behind by a compact sedan.

The driver of the other vehicle waved the victim into a nearby parking lot. Deputies said the victim got out of his vehicle as two other people got out of the other vehicle.

One of the suspects pushed the victim down while another attempted to enter the victim's car, deputies said. The two fled when they were unable to enter the locked vehicle.

The victim was not hurt in the incident, deputies said.