Boaters prepare for Tropical Storm Colin

Some people may pull boats out of water altogether


ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. – Emergency management officials are continuing to keep an eye on Tropical Storm Colin and boaters in St. Johns County are doing the same, with some saying they may pull their boats out of the water altogether, WJXT reports.

Robert Shepherd, who runs his business out of the St. Augustine Marina, said typically the chop is only about a foot. He said Tropical Storm Colin has a lot of boaters thinking ahead.

"I think there's a concern because I was out on the water and it was getting bad," Shepherd said. "There were some larger boats leaving the area because of it. I did notice that. That's why I quickly came back."

The St. Johns County Emergency Management said the area is under a tropical storm watch over the next 36-48 hours. The current track of the storm issued by the National Weather service posits the storm will hit Northeast Florida sometime Monday evening.

"I don't want it to damage anybody's boats," said Chevel Shepherd, a relative. "I don't want it to damage our boat. There's a concern with the clouds and everything."

The Shepherds said they may end up taking their boat out of the water come Monday, but they were waiting to see what happens.

The St. Johns County Emergency Operations Center will have folks coming in around 6:30 a.m. Monday for additional conference calls with other counties in the state along with state agencies.