Clients quickly become friends with senior care service owner

Diane Ingraham started Silver Link 4 years ago to help seniors stay independent


MERRITT ISLAND, Fla. – When Diane Ingraham started Silver Link Senior Services 4 years ago she never imagined helping others would bring her so much joy. 

"Most mornings I wake up pinching myself," she says " because I just don't consider this a job, I just consider it helping, serving and that's my gift, serving."

Ingraham helps seniors in Brevard County with everyday chores and household tasks. She offers rides and will do grocery shopping for those who can't drive. Anything to help seniors stay in their homes and remain independent  as they age. 

"I'm a companion," she says " People need help with everyday things." Ingraham says one of the most common things she does is help with meals.

Becky Welling says she met Ingraham a few years ago. Her husband passed away recently and she says having someone to help with little things around the house has been a "blessing."

"It's great to have someone like her," she says."To know that someone is reliable, trustworthy and that will speak the truth to you."

Welling says she has tried other similar services but she never knew who was going to show up and whether she could relate to them. That concern has been resolved with Ingraham who she now calls one of her closest friends.

The same can be said for Jerry Rose of Rockledge. His wife suffers from dementia and he's unable to leave the house for short errands. He says Diane helps with just about anything they might need.

"She's like part of the family," he says. "I don't think I could replace her really."  

You can reach Diane and Silver Link using their Facebook page or call 321-536-4403.

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