Coyote spotted in Cape Canaveral neighborhoods

Coyote believed to be responsible for disappearance of cats, peacocks

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. – People in Cape Canaveral said they are nervous to walk their dogs after a coyote has been spotted in several neighborhoods.

"We've seen up the street alligators 14 feet, but never seen a coyote, ever. That was like, 'Wow,'" said one neighbor.

Surveillance video shows a coyote walk past a driveway to the end of a street, turn around and sprint in the opposite direction.

"We looked out to see what was going on and we saw the coyote run past our house," said Ginny Brancato.

Brancato said peacocks and cats have disappeared and she believes the coyote is behind all it, living in the woods nearby. 

"We had peacocks killed. We've had feathers all over, and the only thing we did find was a leg of one of the peacocks," Brancato said.

She's not the only person who has spotted the coyote. Charles Pindzihak said he saw the coyote five days ago.

"My wife hollered out, 'There's a coyote.' And I looked out the kitchen window, saw him go along that wall to the street, make a left hand turn, go out the front gate, and go up the middle of the street west," Pindzihak said. "You could mistake it for a German shepherd, for a full-size German shepherd."

"He's really big, and at first when I saw it I thought, 'Oh my God, it looks just like a deer. He is scrawny. I imagine he's hungry," Brancato said.

Brancato said she's an animal lover but her neighborhood is no place for a coyote, and she doesn't want anyone to get hurt.

"I really hope we could find this animal and get him to a safe place," Brancato said.

Florida Fish and Wildlife officials said not to leave food out and bring in your pets. If you do see a coyote they say to just stay out of their way.