Mom who drove kids into ocean expected back in court

Prosecutors say Ebony Wilkerson violated conditional release terms

The mother who drove her van into the Atlantic Ocean with her three children inside was back in court on Wednesday.

Ebony Wilkerson had been out on a conditional release after being found not guilty by reason of insanity on child abuse charges following the 2014 incident.

Prosecutors said she stopped taking her medication and suffered a "psychotic episode" at a treatment facility.

On May 25, Wilkerson drove herself to to the hospital, where Wilkerson made psychotic statements she was sexually battered.

The hospital baker acted Wilkerson for a couple of hours to stabilize her and she went back to the Lake Wales Medical Center.
She left hospital and returned to her transitional facility called Lake Wales Care Center.

A couple hours later Wilkerson tries to leave the facility and the staff brings her back to the facility.

Wilkerson tries to leave the hospital for a third time and a Lake Wales police officer finds her, as she runs into the middle of traffic screaming "psychotic statement."

"Jesus has a path for me," a Lake Wales police officers testified in court.

An officer picked Wilkerson up and carries her back to the police car and returned her to the transitional facility.

He takes her back to the facility, where is she was baker acted again and restrained to the bed.

Authorities then came back to the facility and then arrested her.

The coordinator for transitional facility​ said said She discovered Wilkerson hasn't been taking her medication for the last two months.

At the last hearing for Wilkerson the judge asked the facility to supervise her taking her medicine.

Wilkerson remains behind bars at the Volusia County Jail without bond.