Time share promises not always vacation perfection

Central Florida company avoided more than 1,000 complaints

Jackie and her husband had their sights set on a dream vacation destination: Hawaii.

They won a drawing for a free trip to the Islands courtesy of a drawing sponsored by a time share company, Silverleaf.

Jackie said the promise was enticing. "We're gonna put you up at our resort for three nights, all we ask is an hour of your time Saturday morning…take a tour of the facilities," she said.

The couple agreed and discovered the tour was  well beyond an hour and they just wanted it to end.

"We were getting tired, we were bored and we were ready to go," she said,"so we bought it."

They signed a 10-year contract for just over $16,000 and then reality hit. Instead of available rooms in five-star hotels, they were given a list of blackout dates.

Jackie says they were also told they didn't have enough points to get the top hotels.

Today, that company is gone and Jackie wants out.

According to Slone Scates, Director of Operations and Compliance for the Better Business Bureau, Orange Lake Country Club acquired Silverleaf Resorts on May 18, 2015.

Scates confirmed the BBB has "1,071 complaints against Silverleaf" dating from before the acquisition.

Orange Lake Country Club currently has three locations in the Central Florida service area.

The BBB reminds anyone looking at a time share offer to review the company’s history and make sure the deal is what you have been promised before you sign anything.