Smartphones distracting people at work, new survey finds

New CareerBuilder Survey says how smartphones are reducing productivity at work

2. A cell phone and cell phone chargers
2. A cell phone and cell phone chargers (pressureUA/iStock)

Are smartphones responsible for decreasing productivity in the workplace?

A New CareerBuilder survey found that when asked to identify what was responsible for loss of productivity, more than half of employers (55 percent) said workers' cell phones and texting are to blame. 

Coming in a close second was surfing the internet (41 percent), followed by workplace gossip (39 percent). 

An alarming 75 percent of workers said two or more hours are wasted by distracted employees. 

The survey found that 65 percent of employees do not have their work emails delivered to their smartphones, which means that the time spent on their smartphones is on non-work-related sites. 

Some of the more popular tactics used to counteract productivity killers are scheduling lunch and break times and monitoring internet and email usage.