Full list of August election candidates


Before the November election, there is another important political primary in Florida. On Aug. 30, voters will pick  who they want to be on the ballot for the Senate race.

US Senator:

Democratic Candidates (primary)
• Alan Grayson
• Patrick E. Murphy
• Roque  “Rocky” De La Fuente
• Pam Keith
• Reginald Luster
Republican Candidates (primary)
• Carlos Beruff
• Marco Rubio
• Dwight Mark Anthony Young
• Todd Wilcox (qualified, but has dropped out of the race already)
Libertarian Party of Florida (primary)
• Augustus Invictus
• Paul Stanton
No Party Affiliation:
• Basil E. Dalack
• Tony Khoury
• Steven Machat
• Nathan Bruce
• Jon Friend
• Robert Samuel Kaplan
• Howard Knepper
• Bradley J. Patrick
• Charles Federick Tolbert
• Angela Marie Walls-Windhauser

State Attorney Circuit 9
- Jeff Ashton (D)
- Aramis Ayala (D)
- Bill Vose (Write-In R)

Members of Congress
• District 2 (includes part of Marion County) Incumbent Democrat Gwen Graham not running. Republican and Democratic primaries.
o Democrats
 Steve Crapps
 Walter Dartland
o Republicans
 Neal Dunn
 Ken Sukhia
 Mary Thomas
o Liberterian – Rob Lapham
o Write-In – Antoine Edward Roberts
• District 3 – includes part of Marion County – No primaries
o Ted Yoho, incumbent, Republican
o Kenneth “Ken” McGurn, Democrat
o Tom Wells, NPA
• District 6 – (includes parts of Flagler, Volusia and Lake Counties) – Republican and Democratic Primaries
o Republicans
 Ron DeSantis, incumbent
 Fred Costello
 G.G. Galloway
o Democrats
 William (Bill) McCullough
 Jay McGovern
 George Pappas
 Dwayne L. Taylor
• District 7 – ( includes parts of Seminole and Orange Counties) Republican Primary
o Republicans
 John Mica, incumbent
 Mark Busch
o Mike Plaskon, write-in
• District 8 – (includes parts of Brevard and Orange Counties) no primaries
o Corry Westbrook, Democrat
o Bill Stinson, NPA
o Bill Posey, Republican
• District 9 – (includes parts of Osceola, Orange and Polk Counties) Republican and Democratic Primary. Incumbent Alan Grayson is not running
o Democrats
 Valleri Crabtree
 Dena Grayson (wife of Alan Grayson)
 Susannah Randolph
 Darren Soto
o Republicans
 Wayne Liebnitzky
 Thuy Lowe
• District 10 – (includes parts of Orange County) – No incumbent, Daniel Webster who was elected from District 10 is now in District 11 because of redistricting – Democratic Primary only
o Democrats
 Val Demings
 Fatima Rita Fahmy
 Bob Poe
 Geraldine F. Thompson
o Republican Thuy Lowe
• District 11 – (includes parts of Marion , Sumter and Lake Counties) – Republican Primary. Incubment Richard Nugent not running
o Republicans
 Justin Grabelle
 Daniel Webster (former incumbent in District 10)
• District 15 – (includes part of Lake County) – no primary
o Jim Lange, Democrat
o Dennis A. Ross, Republican

Other races: 

• State Attorney – 5th Circuit (Lake, Marion, Sumter) – Brad King, Republican, incumbent, unopposed
• State Attorney  - 7th Circuit (Flagler, Volusia) R. J. Larizza, Republican, incumbent, unopposed
• State Attorney – 18th Circuit (Brevard, Seminole) – Phil Archer, Republican, incumbent, unopposed
• Public Defender – 5th Circuit – Mike Graves, incumbent, Republican, unopposed
• Public Defender-  7th Circuit – James S. Purdy, incumbent, Republican, unopposed
• Public Defender - 9th Circuit (Orange, Osceola) – Bob Wesley, incumbent, Democrat, unopposed
• Public Defender – 18th Circuit – Blaise Trettis, incumbent, Republican, unopposed
• Circuit Judges – 5th Circuit
o Robert W. Hodges
o Lawrence J. Semento
o Thomas Ralph Eineman
o Donald E. Scaglione
o Ann Melinda Craggs
o Sandra Sue Robbins
o Willard Ira Pope
o William Henry “Bud” Hallman III
• Circuit Judges – 7th Circuit
o Matt Foxman
o Dennis Craig
o Dawn D. Nichols
• Circuit Judges – 9th Circuit
o James A. Craner
o Christi Underwood
o Alice L. Blackwell
o Renee Roche
o Don Myers
o Bob Egan
o Julie O’Kane
o Greg Allen Tynan
o Patricia Strowbridge
o Lisa T. Munyon
• Circuit Judges – 18th Circuit
o Kelly Jo McKibben
o Jessica J. Recksiedler
o David Dugan
o Michael J. Rudisill
o Morgan Luar Reinman