Woman struck by lightning says she's 'lucky to be alive'

3 people struck by lightning on Daytona Beach Shores

One of three people struck by lightning Friday night told News 6 on Monday that she's lucky to be alive and continues to recover, taking one day at a time.

"I was afraid. I was afraid to keep going," said 55-year-old Ann Nikorak.

Nikorak said she snapped pictures of the dark storm just minutes before the lightning struck.

"I felt it in my head. I saw a flash of light. Next thing I know, I was on the ground," she said.

Nikorak said she credits her shoes for saving her life.

"I walk in the water. That could have easily been me. I decided to put sneakers on that day because the bottom of my feet were hurting. When I stood up and turned there were two bodies laying on the ground next to us," said Nikorak.

Janika Gardner, 33, and 41-year-old Russell Scott, both of Georgia, were taken to the hospital. Gardner died shortly after.

"Seeing the two on the ground and the little girl crying are the two things that are bothering me the most. Not the fact that we were hit. We're alive. Both of us. She is not and her family is forever changed," said Nikorak.

Last June, News 6 reported on an 11-year-old Georgia boy who was struck by lightning a half a mile down the shore where the three were hit. According to a Facebook post, it said in part, "Bowen has learned to walk again, tie his shoes again, regain most of the use of his left hand and so much more..."

Nikorak said she is continuing to go to the doctor who said she'll never be exactly the same. News 6 learned that Scott has since been released from the hospital.

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