New app gives Central Florida drivers easier way to pay tolls

Developers design app to pay tolls using smartphone

ORLANDO, Fla. – The PayTollo App is giving drivers here in Central Florida a faster and easier way to pay their tolls. Instead of stopping every time and making sure you have enough change, all you have to do now is use your phone.

"Four of us built this app and went out and pitched it to all the toll authorities, and we're lucky and fortunate enough that Orlando picked us up and was able to bring us in and test it out as a pilot," said Abenezer Yohalashet, one of the creators of the app.

He said PayTollo is free to use and can be downloaded on Apple I Phones.

There's a three step registration process that requires basic information, including your license plate number and a payment method.

Right now, the app is being tested, but once that's finished, it will go public.

Delano Lucus is looking forward to checking it out.

"I know when I first moved to Orlando, it was tough to carry change for the tolls, so I think now having the flexibility of using your cellphone to go ahead and pay tolls, that's definitely a plus for visitors as well as residents," he said.

PayTollo still needs more drivers to test out the app, so if you're interested in helping out you can visit their website at http://www.paytollo.com.