Tiger shark named in honor of Orlando tragedy

Ocearch names 7-foot tiger shark Orlando in tribute

Photo: Twitter @Ocearch
Photo: Twitter @Ocearch

- – A female tiger shark was named in honor of the tragedy in Orlando.

Orlando, a 7.8 foot tiger shark, is currently located in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina according to Ocearch. 

Ocearch is globally recognized as one of the leaders in marine tracking (telemetry) and biological studies of keystone marine species, such as great white sharks. 

Ocearch shares real-time data through Ocearch's Global Shark Tracker. 

Research is conducted aboard the M/V Ocearch, which serves as an at-sea laboratory. The research team safely lifts mature sharks out of the ocean to conduct 12 studies in 15 minutes. 

The photo featured above was taken by Ocearch when they found Orlando.