Viera grandfather: 4-year-old's drowning was an accident

Medical Examiner's Office says boy drowned Monday in Viera pond

VIERA, Fla. – Keith Hughes says he was out of the house Monday afternoon when his 27-year-old son called him saying his grandson, 4-year-old Kyre Bailey was missing.

"I got a phone call from my son saying he couldn't find Kyre and I told him to look for him because he might be asleep, because sometimes he takes little naps," said Hughes.

Hughes says rescuers were at his house by the time he got home, no sign of hope for finding his grandson alive.

"That's when they sent the divers in and that's when they found him," said Hughes.

The Army veteran says Kyre was staying at his Viera house for a two week summer vacation.

The boy lived near Fort Hood, Texas with his mother - Keachana Dupont, a single-mother to an only child.
News 6 asked Hughes what Kyre meant to his daughter.

He replied, "A whole lot, a whole lot to her. He was her heart."

Hughes says his two sons ages 27 and 16, were watching Kyre Monday.

He says while the older one left the house to pick up pizza, the 16-year-old, then the only other person home, thought Kyre was watching cartoons in the living room.

But somewhere in that window, while the older son picked up pizza, and the younger son took his eye off Kyre while he thought he was watching TV, Kyre somehow managed to get out of the house, and according to investigators drown in a pond in the backyard.

Hughes guesses Kyre may have followed his older son out the front door when he left to get pizza and then as investigators say, walked into the pond.

"He's 4-years-old.  He's curious like any other kid," said Hughes.  "But Kyrie never goes to the front door though.  So, I don't know."

The Medical Examiner's Office confirms what the sheriff suggested Monday - Kyre drowned.

The sheriff's office says it's too early in the investigation to say if charges will brought.

Preliminary autopsy results show there were no signs of foul play, backing up Kyre's grandfather's story.

"You couldn't see him.  They say he was in the water.  The water was dark.  We all walked back here.  All the neighbors, we all walked through here.  We didn't see him.  It was an accident.  Accidents do happen.  You try to be careful about everything you do and sometimes things slip," said Hughes.

Kyre's funeral arrangements are being made for next week in Fort Hood.

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