Belleview day care worker charged with child abuse

Injuries result of being hit with object, medical professional says

Authorities have charged a day care worker with child abuse after a child's mom reported his injuries to the Belleview Police Department.

Police said a 2-year-old, who is only able to say a few words, was covered in bumps and bruises on his arms, check, eye and lip in an incident at the West Family Learning Center.

Belleview police said it started when the child was removed from the classroom and taken into an office with the door closed. Valencia Daniels, a day care worker, said the toddler threw a temper tantrum, causing the injuries.

But police said when the child saw a nurse, it was determined the injuries could not have been self-inflicted, and that the bruises looked like they were the result of being hit with an object, likely a shoe.

Investigators told News 6 Daniels changed her shoes before arriving at the police department, and she threw away the shoes she had been wearing earlier in the day.

Another worker at the day care, Sarais Sanchez, said it isn't uncommon for the toddler to throw temper tantrums, and when Daniels brought him back to the classroom, he did not have any marks on him, but they were later visible.

A day later when police made contact with Sanchez, she showed them a text from Daniels sent the day before, which said, "I may be going to jail."

Daniels is charged with one count of child abuse.