Man arrested after he falsely reports bomb threat at Orlando Eye

Man reportedly angry about photo booth problems

Elie Charlie Ghorayeb.
Elie Charlie Ghorayeb.

A man was arrested for falsely reporting a bomb threat at the Orlando Eye on Thursday, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office said.

According to authorities, the man, Elie Charle Ghorayeb, told employees at the attraction located on International Drive  that there was a bomb inside of a photo booth on the outside of the attraction.

Authorities said the attraction was open to the public and had over 100 people in the area.

A worker for the attraction at the front desk told police he noticed a man was very angry about the photo booth. The man explained to the suspect that they were not in control of the photo booths.

The suspect then asked the worker, "What if there was a bomb out there?"

"I'd ask you to stay here and I'd call the police,” witness told police.

"Fine, then there is a bomb outside. Call the police," the suspect then allegedly told the worker and walked away.

The worker called 911 and security.

Another witness noticed the alleged suspect was angry and made a statement saying, “There is a bomb outside.”

No devices were found in the photo booth or in the area of the Orlando Eye, police said.

Ghorayeb was arrested and charged with a threat to bomb, and a false report with explosives and is being held on $10,000 bond.