Police: Teen arrested after carjacking, beating woman, stealing dogs

Mom of alleged carjacker says son has been threatened by gang members

APOPKA, Fla. – Shanikwa Sykes said her 14-year-old son, Deon, doesn't have a criminal background, and he is scared some local gang members have been threatening her son.  

"My son was taken at gunpoint from my home, by some individuals which I will soon be telling the detectives," Sykes said. "He says he should move. He's in fear of his life and he was taken at gunpoint."

Deputies said Deon Sykes asked Elieen Pagan for a ride at a gas station just moment before a carjacking.

"Out of the kindness, goodness of her heart, she complied," Jeff Williamson, with the Orange County Sheriff's Office, said. "She said she would take him to a particular location. On somewhere throughout the way, where he asked her to take him, he carjacks her, beats her, pepper sprays her, kicks her out of the vehicle and takes off in her vehicle."

Deputies said that's when Pagan was able to get to a nearby house and call 911, telling them Deon Sykes took off with her two dogs inside.

Pagan was rushed to the hospital with injuries to her face. Detectives quickly spotted the car and Sykes at another location. That's when he jumped back in the car and drove off.

Deputies chased him down to a mobile home community, where Sykes stopped the car and ran off. They chased him down and arrested him.

 "After we catch him, he completely confesses to carjacking her, everything he did," Williamson said. "However, we do not have any information that he would give us about the whereabouts of the dogs."

Pagan said she just wants her dogs back and described her pups as a white poodle mix with a collar tag that reads "Frankie Rey" and a white Chihuahua with tan markings.

Deon Skyes' mother said now she's scared for her whole family.

"There's more to the story and we will get to the bottom of this. Justice will be served," she said.

Deputies said Deon Sykes is connected to several other carjackings in the Apopka area and faces a laundry list of charges.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of the missing puppies is asked to contact police.