Daytona Beach sting operation leads to arrest of 20

Operation 'No Nonsense' was conducted over three-month period

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – Residents complained about drugs near churches, day cares and on their streets prompted Operation "No Nonsense."

"They went out and targeted different neighborhoods throughout the city, where they made multiple  undercover, audio and video drug sales," said Chief Mike Chitwood.

During a three-month investigation, police arrested 20 of  37 drug dealers they have warrants for and said they mostly sell heroin, cocaine and some pot.

"Every one of these guys are career criminals. Every single one of them," said Chitwood.

Chitwood said setting low bonds once they're arrested is the big problem.

"When they get into the system and they have some liberal judge decide this is the way to proceed is a disgrace. There is no accountability," he said.

Police said the repeat offenders face a first degree felony which is a $10,000 bond, but Chitwood said he's not seeing anywhere close to that number.

"When we talk about that same 10 percent of individuals commit 90 percent of the crimes, here's why. And only allow $1,500 bond. By the time they finish the paper work, he's back out there selling drugs again."

Chitwood said his only hope right now is for the State Attorney's Office to pick up the slack.

"Our only hope is when they get them, they try to do the best they can and make sure these guys do significant time in jail," he said.

News 6 tried to contact the judge that Chitwood was referring to, and we were told, "No comment."