3-year-old resuscitated after falling into DeLand pool, officials say

Toddler taken to Florida Hospital in DeLand

DeLAND, Fla. – There was panic at the Taylor Place Apartment Complex Tuesday afternoon after a child nearly drown in the pool.

"A child was drowning in the pool," a witness told 911.

Police said the 3-year-old girl somehow got out of her floaties and nearly drown. Witnesses told dispatch that they believed the baby was underwater for about five minutes.

"I'm not a hero," said one resident, who administered CPR.

The woman declined to reveal her identity but said she heard screaming from her apartment and risked her own health to save someone else.

"I walk with a walker, but I made it downstairs mostly on my butt, and I got to the baby best I could," she said.

The woman told News 6 she studied nursing and knew she had to get the baby breathing again.

"I took the baby from the mother and just started CPR, revived her and did the best that I could until paramedics arrived," the woman said.

The child was immediately taken to the hospital.

Meanwhile, police said an officer smelled alcohol from the mother's cup that was near the pool where she was sitting.

Police department released a statement:

"That was a good observation by the officer, and its relevance, if any, to what happened will have to be determined during the investigation. There has been no decision on whether or not charges are appropriate at this point."

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