Shocking kidnapping attempt caught on camera

Man attempted to abduct 4-year-old girl from inside store

VICTORVILLE, Calif. – Surveillance video captured shocking video of a man attempting to kidnap a 4-year-old girl from inside a California store.

KABC reports the incident occurred Friday in Victorville, a town northwest of Los Angeles.

Video shows a mother walking into the store holding one child with the young girl by her side.

As the family is waiting, a man identified as Terry Ransom reaches into the store and grabs the girl.

Ransom, 24, immediately began to run away as the mother and another customer chased after him and the girl.

Ransom lost his grip on the 4-year-old and the video shows the mother taking her back inside the store, hugging her child.

The girl did not suffer any injuries and Ransom was charged with kidnapping and child cruelty.