Conviction or not, Corrine Brown's indictment could tarnish career

Brown indicted on nearly 2 dozen federal charges Friday


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – After being indicted on nearly two dozen federal charges Friday, Congresswoman Corrine Brown is now in the midst of a controversy that could be the end of her political career.

Since 1993, Brown has been a staple in Washington D.C., currently serving in her 12th term. She is currently running for re-election to extend her time in the nation’s capital, but Friday’s indictment could put a big dent in her chances.

“It’s an ace in the hole for her opponents. Both on the Republican side and the Democrat side,” News4Jax political analyst Jennifer Carroll said. “She still has to go through a primary election in August.”

Carroll said that it is very unlikely Brown would leave the race with these charges looming overhead. The primary is in August, before the currently scheduled trial date. If she wins that, the November general election is next, depending on the outcome of that potential trial.

“As we've seen in this election cycle, people want a fresh face. They don't want the establishment, they don't want the old politics. They want something new.” Carroll said.

“This is an opportunity for those other individuals running against the congresswoman to say that they are a better choice," Carroll. "They are a new choice."

If this is the end for Brown politically, Carroll said that she leaves behind a very long legacy for those she represents in Northeast Florida.

“Particularly for Northeast Florida, there have been a lot of people, Republicans and Democrats and the business community that have relied on her to deliver for our area,” Carroll said. “Even down in the Orlando area.”

Carroll said that Brown has been at the forefront of helping business leaders on both sides of the aisle get things accomplished and grow the business community. She adds that even with her accomplishments, this controversy will follow her.

“It will be a taint on her career either way,” Carroll said. “Whether she gets convicted or she is able to escape the charges.”