Video shows 7-Eleven clerk fighting off armed robber

Search for man continues

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. – The armed robber beat the store clerk and held her at gunpoint, but the tables quickly turned as the 25-year-old fought back.

"She's a fighter. She's a fighter big time," said Clyde Bumgarner, her husband.

Store surveillance video from the 7-Eleven on Mason Avenue showed what happened early Thursday morning.

"The gentleman came in, came across the counter and tried to rob her," said Bumgarner.

Clyde Bumgarner said he's proud of his wife, Ashley Griest, who scared off the robber.

In surveillance video, you can see the man use his gun to hit her several times, steal some cash and jump the counter. However, police say he was outsmarted by Griest when he left behind what she thought was a real gun.

"She tried to grab it and realized after the fact that it wouldn't go off. There wasn't a clip or anything in there," he said.

That's because investigators said the man used a BB gun to scare Griest, but it didn't work. The man jumped back over the counter, only to have Griest go after him.

"She did put him in I guess a chokehold or a headlock and tried to fight back," said Bumgarner.

The man jumped back over the counter and ran away. Bumgarner said his wife suffered some injuries including a burn after she bumped into a hotdog machine. However, Bumgarner said she plans on returning to work.

"In some cases, they say don't try to fight back. But with her, she's fighting back regardless, no matter what," he said.

Police are looking for a black male, wearing a black mask, tan jacket, black jeans and red shoes.

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