Equality Florida still providing funds to Pulse shooting survivors

Many survivors say they need help now

ORLANDO, Fla. – The OneOrlando Fund has collected $20 million in donations for the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting massacre, but the money has not been released yet and won't be for months.

Ida Eskamani with Equality Florida has been helping Pulse victims and their families since the shootings happened more than a month ago.

She says what many survivors still don't know is there is money available now.

"We have absolutely been able to disperse immediate funds, and again one of the greatest challenges now is to get the word out," she told News 6's Louis Bolden.

26-year-old Norman Casiano, who was shot twice at Pulse, tells a story we've heard many times from survivors of the shootings.

Many have not been able to work since the tragedy and are in need of immediate assistance.
"I feel like I just finished high school," Casiano said.  "It's like what do I do?  I have no  job, no ability to do anything yet," he said.

Equality Florida has heard the need from survivors and they are responding, according to Eskamani. The organization raised more than $7 million dollars in donations and merged with the OneOrlando fund.

However, Equality Florida still has money set aside to meet the immediate needs of victims and they want to get the word out.

"There is still a short term source of direct funding," Eskamani said.  "We just need to make sure that all of those issues, concerns and needs come to us so we can serve those  people," she said.

If you need assistance you can go to HealOrlando.Org, in the middle of the page there is a link saying "Need Assistance, Please Contact Us."

Eskamani says someone will contact you directly.

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