Man spotted crawling under fence at Pulse nightclub, Orlando police say

Trespassing call comes day after break-in investigation

ORLANDO, Fla. – For the second day in a row, officers were called to the Pulse nightclub on Friday after someone tried to illegally get on property.

Orlando police said a Pulse employee saw three people standing outside a perimeter fence and a man crawling from underneath the fence from inside the west side yard of the nightclub.

The witness said the group of people appeared to be two men and two women, but couldn't provide a further description.

“We are greatly frustrated and, quite frankly, shocked at the continued effort to violate what is private property and the site of unspeakable sorrow. Fortunately, our security measures worked and entry to the building was thwarted. The club will continue to remain closed to the public with security measures in place," Pulse owner Barbara Poma said in a statement to News 6.

The trespassing call came a day after officers investigated a break-in at the site of the June 12 mass shooting.

According to police, a prying tool was used to force plywood away from a metal door frame, and the intruders used the tool to force their way into the business.

The plywood used to secure another door was also pried loose, police said, but it was not completely removed from the doorway.

"Can you tell me, do you know who did this? Or do you think it is a stranger?" dispatchers asked the caller.
"No, I have no idea who did this. Some sick individual did this," the caller responded.

The business has an alarm system that includes interior cameras, but it was not activated when the business was secured on Thursday, an Orlando police report said.

The police report didn't state if anything was taken or if the club sustained any damage.

No arrests have been made in either case.

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