Police battle to keep stolen guns off streets after boy's accidental death

Gun in 8-year-old's death reported stolen from SCCY Industries in 2009

SOUTH DAYTONA, Fla. – It's still a mystery as to how someone stole 49 guns from SCCY Industries in 2009 and how one of those guns ended up in the hands of 8-year-old Christopher Scurry, but the company told News 6 that they've since beefed up security.

South Daytona Beach police said the old guns were thrown into a box after being brought back for warranty work.

"The company was under the impression that the box had been destroyed but it turns out that somebody within factory had taken the box and was either selling them or giving out these guns on the street," said Lt. Dan Dietrich with the South Daytona Beach Police Department.

Police said the department recovered 10 guns over the years that were found all over Volusia County and out of state, but they don't know if all 43 guns were stolen at the same time.

"They could have been taken out one or two at a time, or the whole box could have been taken out. That's something that only the person who took it would know," said Dietrich.

It's also unclear what the stolen guns were used for.

"We don't know if these guns used in crimes. We just know they've been recovered. The ones that haven't been recovered, we don't know anything about those. If we did, then we'd be able to get them," he said.

"I guess they took the 43 of these and from what I heard, is that they tried to steal parts under their hat and carried them out at night," said Paul Jannuzzo, Chief Operating Officer of SCCY Industries.

Jannuzzo showed News 6 the receivers that he said were stolen, a part of the gun that's serialized and gets tracked. He then showed new technology to make sure their guns never leave the building again.

"We have a box with an electronic lock with a GPS in it. It's got 100 slots and you can tell at a glance if there's a 100 in there. If the box itself is missing, you just go on the computer program and look at the GPS  to determine where the box is. We can keep track of them in the building and there'll be an alarm if it tries to leave the building unattended," he said.

Police said no one was ever charged in the 2009 case.

SCCY Industries said it donated money to a GoFund Me account to help raise money for Scurry's funeral expenses.

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