Should Central Florida businesses get money from OneOrlando Fund?

Rubio says portion of $20M donated for victims should go to businesses

ORLANDO, Fla. – Senator Marco Rubio says a portion of the $20 million donated to the OneOrlando fund for the Pulse shooting victims, should also go to the business in the immediate area that were closed for days after the shootings while the FBI investigated.

"Me and my husband both work here, so we took a financial loss," Keisha Ozias told News 6 Investigator Louis Bolden.

Game Face Tattoo lost between $7,000 and $10,000 during the ten days it was closed after the Pulse shootings.

"We're also in a struggle right now, because were trying to bounce back from the income that we loss," Ozias said.

Senator Marco Rubio believes some of the $20 million in donations in the OneOrlando Fund, should not be solely for the Pulse victims, but also for businesses in the immediate area.

"Some of that funding should potentially be made available to small businesses that were impacted," Rubio said during a press conference at one of the businesses on Tuesday.

Maliha Mukati who owns Connect PCS Cellphone Repair across the street from Pulse agrees.

"I think it's an amazing idea that Senator Rubio has, because this has impacted us greatly," Mukati said.

Amber Moon disagrees.

"I think that Rubio should probably keep his hands out of the designation of the funds," Moon said.

Moon, who was paying her respects outside of the nightclub, says the money was intended for the victims and should all go to the victims.

"As far as the rest of the businesses, perhaps they could create their own fund for loss of revenue," Moon suggested.

When Ozias was informed some people believe all of the funds should go to the victims, her reaction?

"I think we're all victims," she said.

Ken Feinberg, who is the administrator of the OneOrlando Fund, says Rubio's suggestion is not an unreasonable one, but "there is only so much money," Feinberg said.

Once all of the victims who were inside the club are paid, "there is a legitimate question as to whether or not there are any remaining funds that could have a meaningful impact on businesses in the community," Feinberg wrote in an email to News 6's Louis Bolden.

Town hall meetings will be held at the Amway Center on August 4 and all suggestions will be considered, according to Feinberg.

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