Time running out for homeless in Volusia County

92 people at shelter must leave by Tuesday

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. – The clock is ticking on where to put the homeless after dozens have been living at The Salvation Army since January, as part of the emergency bed bridge program.

"They just needed some time, some sustainability and some people that cared," said Mike Cornell, of The Salvation Army.

Ninety-two people at the shelter have to leave by next Tuesday, not because Salvation Army wants them to, but because it has to make room for other agencies and their clients.

"We had to restrict the current programs that were in there for the past six months," said Cornell.

The city of Daytona Beach hopes to vote on putting those folks at the vacant Armed Forces Reserve Center for the next nine months.

"We've been involved in what's called a termination process. They're going to have all their stuff, they're going to have transportation over there," said Cornell.

While city leaders hope to build a permanent shelter on 5 acres of city property, across from the mental health facility off of US 92.

"Personally, I think it makes sense," said Josh Wagner, county councilman.

Wagner said he supports the city's decision to build on their land rather than the county's property that was originally discussed.

"From the county's position, and from our land, I think the location is a little better. Whatever they want to do, I'm on board with," he said.

He also wants the shelter to be equipped with resources and programs for the homeless.

"We're getting to that crunch time and the city seems to really be pushing forward, which is great," he said.

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