Brevard Zoo welcomes new zebra

2-year-old Grévy's zebra arrives at Brevard Zoo


MELBOURNE, Fla – The Brevard Zoo is welcoming a special animal Tuesday: a 2-year-old Grévy’s zebra, named Lauren.

Lauren lost her mother at 3 weeks of age and was transferred from Busch Gardens Tampa Bay.

“Lauren’s situation is definitely unique, and the staff at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay did a great job raising her,” said Michelle Smurl, director of animal programs at the zoo. “Zebras are very social animals, and transitioning into a new herd is never easy, but our keepers are always up for a challenge.”

Lauren has successfully adapted to her new home and was introduced to Iggy and Zonka, two zebras who share the same habitat, as well as three white rhinos. 

“They still need to establish a hierarchy, so guests may see some biting and kicking, which is perfectly normal," Smurl said.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources consider Grévy’s zebras endangered. They are native to parts of Kenya and Somalia. Once found in Somalia, their range has been greatly reduced by habitat loss and competition with livestock.