Orlando nightclub task force meets to discuss security after Pulse

City's task force met for the first time after June 12 shooting

ORLANDO, Fla. – The city of Orlando's Nightclub Task Force held their first meeting since the Pulse shooting on Tuesday afternoon.

The city said that the task force was created back in December to address the issue of after hour clubs, but instead it has taken a shift to focus on security.

The Orlando Police Department said it's important to have a relationship with bar owners.

"It's a partnership. Hopefully, you know they are doing the things to keep everyone safe, such as wanding, searching, maybe ID scanners. It's those kind of things and then it's up to us to keep the area safe. We patrol the parking, we patrol the streets like we do. We have cops on the corners," said Deputy Chief Eric D. Smith. "We want to prioritize keeping everyone safe and that's a partnership between us and the clubs. We have a great partnership with downtown life, the nightclubs all the restaurants downtown, the bars downtown."

Police also said that it's important to have consistency with security procedures at area bars.

"You don't want to just you know maybe start wanding one day and then you don't the next time. We just want consistency and that's where this task force basically exists. We are trying to make (it)uniform, make everybody the same and you know help everyone out," said Deputy Chief D. Smith.
Wall Street Plaza said it is investing in extra security since the Pulse shooting.

"I think everybody cares about safety from the management down to the bartenders, to the patrons, so we are all doing what we can to keep it safe and have fun at the same time," said Wall Street Plaza's marketing manager Paul Emry.

"I kind of think these are changes that will stick around. I think in the whole world and all of America and around the world, we are getting safer and taking an emphasis on safety and I think that is just part of it. So, I think it will probably be here to stay."
During the Pulse shooting, a lot of people ran into the bathrooms thinking it was an exit.

The Beacham in Orlando is working to prevent that from happening at their nightclub, adding the venue had already places signs labeled "closet" on every door that is not an exit.

The Nightclub Task Force will meet again in early fall.

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